I try to vomit emotions
by turning them into material images.
Words become colours
as we forget the days passing.
The body quivers,
Shimmering passion
between scattered souls.
The series is and extract from the shared visual diary
my partner and I created while self isolating in our flat
 in March/April 2020.

We used photography as a therapy method to cope with the confinement situation and unburden our mental state. Vomit the emotions trapped inside our hearts and keep track of our feelings.

Clashing passions and tender love can cohabit in a very constricted temporal space and can cause confusion and pain.

Anxiety and depression constantly sabotage my self-confidence and relationships with significant others; in creativity, most specifically in self portraiture, I found the most powerful tool to unravel the mind and cope with my personal issues.
diary is an intimate two-dimensional safe space into which we projected all our unbalanced emotions
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