virtual: adjective 
- images : not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.

- physics : designating or relating to a particle exchanged between other particles that are interacting by a field force.
It was summer when we met and fell in love with our mutual art, our energy.
through photography we discovered each other,
through our bodies we connected and created a sacred visual space. 
we’ve been apart, waiting for spring to meet again.
now spring has come and with it a global lockdown.
we are in the same city but apart, again.

This series is our reply to the present social distancing state.
a visual remedy.

as in solitude the urge of creating becomes stronger 
we continue our mutual journey of self discovery.

together as much as distant.

an online touch.
through our bodies,
 using our virtual gaze.

giulia gr & beatrice lezzi 
march 2020
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